LR Services Background

About Us

Since 2016 LR Services has provided Daily Money Management services, a support service for older adults and solo seniors to help them maintain independence.  Lori Reif, founder and president, a business owner for over twenty years, found passion and fulfillment in providing this service to help older adults and solo seniors stay independent and provide them peace of mind knowing they were not alone in managing their everyday financial tasks or document organization.  Lori is also trained and certified as a National Guardian, bringing skills that are often helpful when working with older adults and solo seniors. LR Services becomes part of the client’s support team.

With our help, older adults and solo seniors are afforded a sense of dignity and peace-of-mind by retaining their independence and controlling their everyday finances.  Our service can reduce stress and anxiety for our clients because they know their financial obligations are being met and organized.  Our clients feel relief from worries of late payments, missed deadlines, scams, fraud, financial exploitation and are organized for their annual tax preparer.

LR Services, LLC can assist our clients to ensure:

  • Bills are paid on time.
  • All accounts are balanced and reconciled.
  • Statements are regularly reconciled
  • Tax receipts are managed.
  • Mail and paperwork is reviewed, acted upon and filed.
  • Scams, fraud, financial exploitation and identity theft is monitored.
  • Clients have an advocate and liaison to service providers.

Certifications and Memberships

LR Services, LLC is fully insured, bonded and background checked.

As trusted professionals with experience working with older adults and solo seniors, we are bonded and insured.  As a National Certified Guardian with fiduciary responsibilities, we are members of:

  • AADMM   American Association of Daily Money Managers
  • MAGIC   Minnesota Association of Guardianship and Conservatorship
  • NGA   National Guardianship Association
  • CGC   LR Services, LLC president is a National Certified Guardian

LR Services, LLC president is certified in Advanced Dementia through the Alzheimer’s Association.

LR Services, LLC adheres to AADMM, NGA and MAGIC Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

As trusted professionals, privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance.

Client information will never be disclosed to any person without the client’s consent.

“We feel honored to make a difference in the lives of older adults by helping them maintain their independence.”

– Lori K. Reif, President and Founder of LR Services, LLC

LR Services, LLC