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Supporting the independence of older adults by helping manage their finances

Everyday Support for Everyday Financial Tasks

LR Services, LLC provides Daily Money Management services in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN.  We provide services for older adults, families of older adults and solo seniors who could use support in managing and organizing everyday financial tasks and paperwork.

We understand that some find everyday financial tasks such as balancing the checkbook, reconciling bank statements, paying bills, communicating with service providers and simply staying organized, to be confusing and overwhelming for a variety of reasons. Some find it difficult due to physical issues such as poor eyesight or arthritis or cognitive issues in aging such as dementia.  Some, tasked with managing their loved one’s financial affairs find there are just not enough hours in the day to manage their own and their loved one’s finances, or prefer an independent provider to manage the financial tasks.

Not managing everyday financial tasks well has unwelcome consequences.

On-time payments prevent late fees, higher interest rates or closed accounts. Reconciled statements alert you to unauthorized charges or billing errors, often due to compromised accounts or identity theft.  Bank alerts detail daily transactions that are expected or unexpected.

It is our goal to provide you the support you need to accomplish these tasks and work through any challenges. We’ll help you maintain control and understanding of your everyday finances and keep documents, statements and receipts organized.  We provide complete transparency with as little or as much detail as requested.

We offer a complimentary in-home meeting to discuss your needs.  No obligation.  If you feel comfortable and confident with us, and we feel we can meet your needs, we will schedule our first appointment to review and prepare a plan to work together.

Ask about our complimentary in-home meeting to discuss your needs. No obligation.

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